An insurance executive, seen simultaneously in the future and in the present, is betrayed and left penniless and must battle his closest friends to try to gain back his life.


An Arthouse-Thriller in which an Insurance Executive, seen simultaneously in the future and in the present, is betrayed and left penniless and then must battle his closest friends to try to gain back his life.


After ambitious Nicholas Gray becomes a whistleblower his world begins to crumble.  A charismatic drifter then introduces him to acts of theft and “wealth redistribution” and Nicholas’s life spirals further out of control.  Simultaneously, in the future, a now penniless Nicholas is released from prison and wrestles with his moral choices as he becomes determined to take back his life from those who cheated him.  A murder, frame and police investigation follow in which no one is what he seemed to be.


Nicholas Gray, a hard-charging insurance executive has it all.  In the near future he’ll have nothing.  

The future CEO of Jaspar Insurance, Nicholas becomes a whistleblower and starts down a path to losing both his job and an engagement to the boss’s daughter.  His downfall is aided by his best friend and archrival at the company, Mitchell, who’s in competition for the same prizes and a charismatic drifter, Harry, who counsels Nicholas while introducing him to acts of theft and “wealth redistribution”.  Nicholas begins questioning his life’s purpose, starts a relationship with a soulful artist, Andrea, then at his most vulnerable is cheated out of everything he owns.

In flash-forwards, inserted into the present-day action, Nicholas is released from a prison then begins a quest to live a morally pure, yet penniless life on the streets.  But he fails and is left beaten and humiliated.  He decides he will take back his old life then a murder is carried out—with both the victim and murderer unidentified.  Nicholas’s new love, Andrea, is framed for the crime and police investigate.

As the story unfolds further, no one is what he seemed to be and as Nicholas’s present and future stories meet, what emerges is a complex portrait of one man’s character. 


PRIMARY is a provocative story about a man who sets out to find morality in the world but instead discovers his true nature.


NICHOLAS GRAY (Dustin Milligan) a competitive, over-achiever is up for a promotion that would ensure a golden future at Jaspar Insurance Corp. And he plans to marry the boss’ daughter, SARA. Equally interested in both prizes is Nicholas’ best friend/archrival MITCHELL (Andrew Francis). When Nicholas learns that Mitchell has been cheating clients in order to make his bottom-line look good, including an elderly woman left homeless after a fire, Nicholas secretly alerts the clients, causing a revolt. Mitchell is admonished and Nicholas wins the promotion. But the firm soon suspects a whistle-blower and when found out, Nicholas will surely be fired. Then Nicholas’ marriage proposal to Sara is turned down and his world begins spinning out of control.

He meets a charismatic drifter, HARRY (Michael Eklund), who suggests that Nicholas could win back Sara if he evolved into a more worldly, “moral” person. Guided by formal notions of morality, Nicholas begins questioning the darker side of capitalism.


In FLASH-FORWARD, Nicholas—now bearded and longhaired—is released from prison after serving a year for an unknown crime. Entering society again, he sets out on a quest to live a purely moral life, despite being homeless and penniless.


Back in PRESENT DAY, Nicholas’ attempts to win back Sara fail. Then he learns Harry has been engaging in Robin-Hood-like acts of theft and “wealth redistribution”. Nicholas escapes into Harry’s world and begins participating in the thefts. Then he starts a relationship with ANDREA (Katharine Isabelle), an ever-altruistic soul despite her place at the bottom of society’s economic ladder. When Mitchell taunts Nicholas with news of a relationship with Sara, Nicholas and Harry hatch a plan to defraud Jaspar Insurance.

In FLASH-FORWARD, Nicholas’ life on the street ends with him beaten, humiliated and unable to shake his competitive drive. Then a murder is carried out with both the victim and murderer unidentified. It is suggested that Mitchell has killed Nicholas or Nicholas has killed Mitchell. Police begin an investigation.


Back in PRESENT DAY, the attempted fraud does not go as planned and it is Nicholas who gets duped, loses everything and is sent to prison.


As the story unravels no one is what he seemed to be and as the fractured timelines converge what emerges is a complex portrait of one man’s character.